idiosynchronic (idiosynchronic) wrote,

I guess everyone's got an opinion

Probably everyone in the web is arguing in their little communities right now about the California Appeals Court that struck down the Pledge of Alligence because of its mention of the phrase, "under God". Raging debates have sprung up just about everywhere.

No, I'm not throwing in my 2 cents. Just observing how worked up we're all getting about it. As someone said, (paraphrased) "We could only get more pissed off about it if the court demanded that all public schools have their students recite the pledge without God in mandatory sex ed classes."

I even found a small party of goths arguing with one another about what "under God" meant and if it was offensive. Check it out here Just goes to show you that holding stereotypes only makes your brain good for keeping your skullbones apart.

And for good measure, some links to the discussion on WWDN: Pledge of Allgiance Un-Constitutional?
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