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Blue Ribbon, Gold Stars

Bringing up WilWheaton.Net's Message Board reminded me of something going on there that I'm not too sure I like. (Warning: only registered users can use Uncle Willy's Bulletin Board System) (Thanks for pointing that out, Amy!) Blue Ribbons are being handed out by various people to others they admire or want to thank. See the other threads

Well, I'm not against positive reinforcement, it's just that it makes me think that stuff like this is more about a popularity contest, and that makes me distrust it. I know that it's unlikely that I'll get one. I don't hang with the right cliques and spend enough time online; also, I sometimes am prone to using a little temper when ripping poor reasoning to pieces. But at the same time, I know I'm a good positive person. Where's my reward? Why am I not surrounded with the close friendships that others have discovered? It's amazing how online life and real life mirrior one another.

The Blue Ribbioning that they're trying to emlulate is that in these public forums, the teachers and business leaders were giving the awards to everyone. Well, understandably everyone can't get everyone an award. At least check there was 250 some users who regularly posted. Its just that through restriction, the award becomes a mark of favoritism, and divisive.

I remember a sunday school teacher I had in High School, Bruce, who did a similar exercise with us at graduation. We, all 10 of us in that church class, piled into a van & drove out to a nearby park and Bruce taught the class under the May sun. To each one of us, he called us before our peers and told us of our great strengths & traits. Not surprisingly, he pointed out, among many, many things, that I was the removed listener- even my physical position placed me away from my collegues that morning, because I was perched on top of the wall that formed the backrests on the benches we sat on.

It's just upsetting to be always on the periphery, always the audience, never the player.
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Seeing as we have a similar interest and such (and I would like to comment on this post when I have time, because I agree with you), would you mind if I added you to my friends list?

Oh! Two! I read your profile and saw you are from Iowa too! Even the same ISP. Your family sounds fun! I understand eccentric families so I can relate to your wife, hehe. Well, alright, I could wait for your permission to add you to my list... as I usually do out of respect...but I like reading your journal and frankly it is a pain to find it if I don't have it listed. So. NYA! You are added, but do not feel obligated to add me. I rarly have anything of interest to post nor the time. I like to read a lot, though.

See ya on the box.