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Insomnia is a .....

Well, you know the word. I can't figure out where this came from; up until a few years ago, I never had problems sleeping through the night. That all changed when I started remembering my dreams again, just after my son was born. Weird how that happened. Maybe it was because I was the one getting up for the 2-3 am feeding for those first few months. I always thought that I quit dreaming in college because of artistic burnout. Maybe it was and something else has allowed me to remember the few fragments of dreams that we all tend to wake up with. I wish my artistic creativity would wake back up again too. I miss not doing something, wether it was the pen and ink I did so much of during high school or the painting & photography I had so much fun with in college. Of course, even when i was doing well, my output never matched my sister's, but that's another topic.

Of course, it might be my dirty little nicotine habit. (Note to self- it's not long before you're 30, you should clean that up) It started about that time too. But that doesn't seem to make sense to me since I smoke so little and then it always makes me quite sleepy. Addiction to sleep aids anyone?

Change of subject-
I have to relearn HTML tags again. The last few years of posting to UBB-based bulletin board systems has spoiled me so I automatically think in brackets, not tag arrows. The code changes slightly too, and then nesting tags is different from nesting brackets, just enough to cause havoc. I suppose I should be happy my little foray into C++ coding hasn't really spoiled me. After all, I've only got so much room in that left-portion of my brain.
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