idiosynchronic (idiosynchronic) wrote,

Up to Trouble

My wife made the mistake of sending me her college bio for a read check. Never send me something professionally serious and expect it to live.

Medea is the Lead Coffee Barrista for the College. While an important job, we'd like to point out that she's actually our Assistant Chaplain, and has other powers that mere mortal college administrators fear.

Mudd, as she likes to be called, played with lizards and twisted her mouth into odd shapes when she was an undergraduate; for this the University of Nebraska gave her a BS degree in Biology and Russian in 1993. She was so good at it, she was working to go pro with a Master's degree in Evolutionary Biology until her phone rang with The Call in 1997. Rev. Mudd received her Master of Divinity degree from Candler School of Theology at Emory in 2000 . . obviously those theologians thought her odd mouth contortions were a sign of God's grace and gifts to her.

Rev. Mudd has served under appointment in the United Methodist Church since 1999, in both Iowa and Georgia. Prior to her appointment at The College, she served as a Pastor at Between, GA, and also as an Associate Pastor in Fort Dodge, IA. Both towns have successfully rebuilt after a long recovery.

Medea is married to Scott, a computer geek, and is the proud stepmother of Benjamin. Her hobbies include gardening, post-modern utopic thought, music, raising Felis catusi, world travel, drinking fermented goat's milk, reading and getting up on cold mornings and falling into rivers.
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