idiosynchronic (idiosynchronic) wrote,

Okay - I'm lazy

Obviously, I've not been doing anything since the start of last semester.

Yeah, right.

In my fit of insomnia for tonight, I will probably make the poster for this semester's season of idiosynchronic. Unfortunately, I had something last month, but now I've forgotten it. I thought of something about a farewell tour, but that'll likely get my time slot yanked - the administration here is annoyed about Medea leaving at the end of the school year, and it would annoy students who are already upset that my wife is moving on.

Oh, time for the show moved - it's now 8 to 10 Wednesday nights. That way while M's at worship, I'm subverting the rest of campus. Hmmm, maybe i should do a pre-game show for student worship . . Of course, that would be supposing that the student chaplains could come up with a theme or topic that has some depth that I could work with for more than 5 minutes. But I'll get to that later.

Unfortunately, i still have no way to air it online for all 5 people that would listen to it. The student station is barely surviving as it is - getting them to set up a streaming server and getting a portion of the college's bandwidth to distribute would be a herculean task for even a full-time station advisior, much less an unpaid and inexperianced pastor's wife-cum-student mentor. The maximum amount of storage that I have is 10 MB from my ISP. I suppose i could get some hosting, but then i still have to get a domain names, pay for it all, record it, maybe digitize it later depeneding on recording method, then upload, but compressed at decent qaulity it'll be about 120MB for 120 minutes. And I really don't have the attention span or time to do that. Anyone with ideas about what I can do, email me with suggestions.

I mentioned that student services are vacous. This month's Christanity Today summed it real well - these kids, well-intentioned, are making worship sound lot like their Christian Pop, "Artists . . have been marketed as though they were low-fat cheese: 'almost as tasty as the real thing - and better for you!' . . Still many [contemporary christan music] artists perform songs that are neither profund nor subtle, some of which are dismissed by critics as "happy-in-Jesus" songs. . . Individualistic piety and crass sentimentalism can be innocent enough in small doses, but some fans and performers seem to think that faith consists of little else." ( If anyone is wondering why I choose not to go, there's the reason.

Just got a brainstorm. Better go write it down. Results will be posted here later.
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