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idiosynchronic's Journal

8 August
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From 1985-1990 I was known as Mace Magellan on local Iowa BBS systems. I have no idea how I put the names together, I just did. At that time I was the terror of my parent's phone line with my 1337 Comodore 64 computer and 1200 baud modem. I sysoped a couple boards and was a generally happy geek. During this time, DC comics made a 2-issue story about a Mace Magellan in their Star Trek comic book - this is not where I got the name from. In fact, I'd sue the bastards if I thought it do any good. :)

I left for college in 1990 and remained magellan@iastate.edu through graduation. For the first 3 years, I was an architecture student - then I came to my senses and switched to Art & Design to escape Iowa State by December 1995.

In 1996, I finally moved into full-time work and needed an ISP for the first time. magellan@netins.com was me for a while. Later, I switched to Earthlink, and found magellan was already taken. So, coining a pun from my blue 1986 Chrysler Caravan, and my Art degree, I was BlueVanGogh.

I'm pretty much retired from doing Art, and I haven't owned the minivan for years. I currently work as help desk manager somewhere in Iowa.

My life has also taken some really odd and fantasic, and painful turns, culminating with me getting married in 2001 to a wonderful woman who is a Methodist pastor. Of course, I'm a bitter but hopeful agnostic after being raised Methodist. I'm also a rabid peacenik liberal and a reader of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn; conversely, I was brought up as a moderate Republican in a tight nuclear family. These things are typical of the juxtapositions of my life.